Color meaning clothes. Clothes protect us from cold and other weather conditions. They also protect us from many diseases; they are emotionally inspiring and affect our emotions, expression, and way of thinking.

Color Meaning Clothes
Color Meaning Clothes



Brides are wearing white to symbolize innocence and purity. Since white reflects sunlight, it is suitable for summer color. In fashion, it is popular because it is light and neutral. Doctors and nurses wear white to emphasize cleanliness.

White should be worn by people who would like to be honest, transparent, and receptive to new ideas. People who would want to be more aware of their own lives and understand it better.

When dealing with something important, or when making decisions and acting quickly we should avoid white color.

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Yellow is cheerful, sunny, and attracts attention. Active people who feel open and young, like to wear yellow. Those who want to get rid of solitude should wear yellow. It is suitable (yellow fashion accessories) for a job interview because it helps us with clear expression. It encourages rational thinking, improves memory, gives strength, and reinforces self-confidence. When a person is prone to criticism, it should avoid yellow. It may cause irritation, weakness, and encourages egoism.

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Orange wears people who are working, creative, and full of energy. Orange should be worn by those who suffer from depression, and those people who should enter more joy and lightness into their own lives. Avoid it when a person is confused, disoriented, and claustrophobic. It can worsen nausea or dizziness.

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It is the most intense and emotional color. The color of love. The red dress is more visible, but it also makes a person harder. As an intense color, it usually does not help in different negotiations and confrontations. Red dress expresses confidence: a person who wears it feels seductive and dominant. Red should be worn by people who suffer from sadness, which are dense and need encouragement.  People who want to recover from something, who would like to succeed, achieve their goals, who lack competitive spirit, and those who would want to be sensual and vivid. Red clothes should be avoided by those with high blood pressure, short-tempered ones, and those who are nervous and tense. It is also not recommended for people who quickly get tired, have chronic fatigue syndrome, or suffer from a headache.

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Clothes Color Meaning


The pink color wears people who are gentle and loving and who are full of compassion and understanding. Emotionally immature people should avoid it, and people who are too dependent on others.

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It represents luxury, wealth, and sophistication. It is a color of royalty. Violet should be worn by people who want peace, pure love, and those who meditate and pray because it brings peace and tranquility. People who do not like silence, are too sensitive, or want to be accepted by society should avoid wearing violet.

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Blue is the color of the ocean, the sky. It is the most popular color. It is quiet, calming, but also cold and depressing, causing the body to cool. It is recommended for job interviews because it symbolizes loyalty. Blue clothes should be worn by people who suffer from mental fatigue and those who need peace and relaxation. It encourages decision making, brings understanding, wisdom, and strengthens self-confidence and a sense of responsibility to others. Avoid it if you are melancholic, depressed, nervous.

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Green symbolizes nature. It is soothing and refreshing. Brides in the Middle Ages wore green because it symbolized fertility. Green should be worn by hyperactive people and those who have a reduced ability of sober thinking and judging. It should be avoided by people who should act actively and lively in everyday life because it choaks movement and encourages idleness and boredom.

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Brown is the color of the earth; it means strength and reliability. ​

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Black is the color of power and authority. In fashion, it is trendy because it makes people optically thinner. It is elegant and timeless. It can also suggest subordination, obedience, or even enslavement. (e.g., the priests wear black clothes to be submitted to God. Women in black dress are subordinate to men).

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