Bojan Lisjak
Bojan Lisjak

I am Bojan Lisjak, father of 5 children, and I am professionally engaged in paintings of the rooms, especially wall paintings of children’s rooms. Also, by bleaching and painting the walls.

In my work, I use different colors and their shades daily. In this field, I have a lot of experience and knowledge, which I have gained with my work, as well as by reading various books, articles.

If I want to be successful, I need to know the basics of colors, their characteristics, their unique features.

When I was looking for all the necessary things that I was interested in, I had a lot of problems, because I had to search in many locations. It was time-consuming, impractical, and, above all, not transparent. I wanted to find everything I was interested in about the colors in one place. So this page was created to make the rest easier and help the rest.

The page does not go deep enough, as it would become unpredictable and uninteresting. The essence of the page is that it is simple to find the necessary information in one place. Is to help pupils, students, and college students in various seminar tasks. The page is a source of information to ordinary mortals or architects, interior designers, when arranging interior spaces, interiors. It is also transparent and straightforward so that it can benefit ten years, someone in middle age or a retired person.