Black is the color of mystery and the unknown, the color of protection.

In the psychology of colors, black means protection against external emotional stress. It provides comfort while protecting their feelings and emotions and also hidden their weaknesses, insecurity, and lack of confidence. It also means power and control, discipline, independence, and strong will.

Due to its strength, black is intimidating, unfriendly, and unapproachable. It exudes authority and creates fear in the process. Black hides, while white reveals.

It absorbs negative energy, so it protects us from harmful and negative things in normal daily activities outside the home.

It is a mixture of all colors with a lack of light.


All of us can use black when trying to hide something, at different times, from the outside world, for example. Our weight, feelings, fears, uncertainty.

People who like black can be conventional, conservative, and severe, but can think about themselves that are refined and dignified.

Wealthy and successful women often choose black because they want to give the impression of elegance, sophistication, and confidence. Women, when seducing, usually choose sexy black lingerie to create a touch of mystery and intrigue.

Black can also mean the subordination of someone, like priests in black suits, are showing their submission to God.

For teenagers, it is common to wear black at the stage of transition from the innocence of childhood to adulthood. They have a psychological need to do so because they are closing one part of their lives and starting another. Black color allows them to be hidden from the world until they discover their own identity and their place in society. They need to pass through that stage.

Too much black can cause depression and mood swinging and can create a negative environment.

Positive features of black color are protection, comfort, power, formality, mystery.

The negatives of black are listlessness, depression, pessimism, reluctance, conservatism, control, unfortunate, negativity. 

It means rest, physical darkness.

When someone likes to dress in black, it indicates having a strong will, rigid attitudes, and discipline. Probably they lack self-confidence or have to become mature. A so can hide underneath black to hide from the outside world. Otherwise, black clothing means denial, denying everything.

If the black dress is worn only on special occasions, it shows an authoritative person who wishes to make an impression on others.If a person does not like to wear black, have a desire to control and is not willing to give up personal power.

In the apartment it looks gloomy and stifling, so you have to be careful when using it. It is suitable for certain additives and the enrichment of smaller areas.

Black or any other dark color in Feng Shui can give a sense of depth in both: human mood, as in his perspective. It may indicate some lack of hope, loneliness, and depression.

black dark night with moon in the sky
Black Dark Night With Moon in the Sky

In dreams represent fear, anxiety, negativity, hatred, resentment, guilt, depression.

Black is the color of power and authority. In fashion, it is trendy because it makes people optically thinner. It is elegant and timeless.

It can also suggest subordination, obedience, or even slavery. (e.g., the priests wear black clothes to be submitted to God. Women in black dress are subordinate to men).

It symbolizes power, sexuality, sophistication, formality, elegance, wealth, mystery, fear, evil, sadness, anger, anonymity, grief.

black wooden boards stacked on a pile
Black Wooden Boards Stacked on a Pile

Black, in most Western countries, is the color of death and mourning.

In Thailand and Tibet, black is the color of evil and disaster.

In New Zealand, black is the national color, with the Aboriginal, it is the color of people.

With the ancient Egyptians and Romans, the black was the color of mourning.

Black is often the color of secrets and mysteries.

A person who has “a black heart” is evil.

If a business is in the black, it means it is doing well and brings in some money.

The ancient Egyptians believed that black cats possessed divine power.

Black Sheep is an outcast.

Blacklist is a list of people or organizations which are punished or boycotted.

The black market stands for illegal trafficking in goods or money.

Experts in karate are wearing black belts.

The black flag in car racing means that the driver needs to drive into the boxes.

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