Blue is the color of peace and harmony, the color of maturity, rationality, precision, capabilities, high values. It is also the color of trust, honesty, and loyalty.

In terms of color, psychology blue is reliable and responsible and points to internal security and trust.

It is idealistic, improves our self-expression and our ability to communicate, which can inspire higher ideals. The wisdom of the blue comes from its higher degree of intelligence, from the spiritual perspective, dedication, religion.

It is conservative and predictable. It is nostalgic: living in the past, joining all the present and future in the experience of the past.

Positive attributes of blue color are loyalty, trust, integrity, sensitivity, reliability, responsibility, perseverance, composure, dedication.

Negatives of blue: are stiffness, superstition, conservatism, predictability, cogent, infidelity, mistrust, emotional instability.

It calms heart rate, decreasing breathing rhythm, narrows blood vessels, prevents inflammation, maintains dense bone marrow, soothes, and calms the pain. Blue can be emotionally sedative.

big blue waves
Big Blue Waves

Blue is the color of buried ice. Emotionally, we associate it with the deep cold space and its infinity. Therefore, the blue effects mind, just as red effects feelings.

The psychological effects of blue are relaxation, purification, coldness, wisdom, tranquillity, sensuality, peace, trust, loyalty, flexibility.

If you dress in a light blue color, you are sensitive, creative, and receptive. You are practical and have well-developed imagination.

You are smart and confident, if you like to dress in a dark blue color, . You want to surround with love, tenderness, and affection, but you also need peace and tranquillity.

If you do not like to wear blue, you are probably afraid of failure, of losing money, social and professional status.

If you do not like dark blue, you probably have experience with deception and infidelity, with disappointment or with loss of confidence. 

beautiful shallows in paradise
Beautiful Shallows in Paradise

Blue is suitable for bedrooms, bathrooms, working rooms, and other rooms meant for rest or relaxation. It creates a fresh and airy space. 

Not ideal for dining rooms, lounges, gym or recreations, basements.

Blue aura means dedication, loyalty, trust, compassion, the desire for communication, and deep feelings. 

A person with a blue character gives great importance to personal relations. May also be a dreamer or have artistic abilities. It can be emotionally sensitive, intuitive. 

Person prefers the solitude, is non-competitive, internally focused, responsive. It has a desire for love, peace, unity, and friendship with others. 

Blue aura is also a sign of enormous wisdom. A lot of poets, writers, artists, musicians, philosophers have a blue character.

hilly landscape
Blue Hilly Landscape

The blue color in Feng Shui has a double meaning. Because of his connection to the wood, it has the importance of the new growth and spring. It represents the confidence and security. It means finding new, unknown. You can use it to create a mysterious atmosphere.
On the other hand, the Chinese associate it with mourning.

In dream represents spirituality, philosophy, religion, art, and culture.

Blue Flowers

Blue is the color of the ocean, the sky. It is the most popular color. It is quiet, calming, but also cold and depressing, causing the body to cool. It is recommended for job interviews because it symbolizes loyalty.
Blue clothes should be worn by people who suffer from mental fatigue and those who need peace and relaxation. It encourages decision making, brings understanding, wisdom, and strengthens self-confidence and a sense of responsibility to others.

Avoid it if you are melancholic, depressed, nervous.

The blue color is a hallmark of uniforms as a symbol of loyalty to the company, synonymous with reliability, trust, cleanliness, care, authoritativeness, healing.
The blue color symbolizes coolness, calmness, stability, unity, harmony, trust, truth, security, cleanliness, order, loyalty, conservatism, sky, water.
blue stairs made of stone
Blue Stairs Made of Stone

Blue stimulates the throat and thyroid gland, calms the mind and nerves, has beneficial effects on the respiratory system. It helps with a toothache, inflammation of the eyes and throat, itching, and insect bites, insomnia. It soothes menstrual pain, helps with burns, chickenpox, diarrhea, epilepsy, hysteria, gonorrhea, polio, headaches, whooping cough, skin, kidney disease, rheumatism.

Blue light is radiated to the skin when treating jaundice.

Under the influence of the blue light also neuralgia can be treatedIt

In India, gods are painted with blue heads and blue colors of the skin (e.g., An elephant painted in blue stands as a sign of the highest spiritualization and divine enlightenment).

In the Oriental provinces, doors and windows are painted in blue to attract good spirits and gods. In India, gods are painted with blue heads and blue colors of the skin. This tradition of patriarchy extended only to boys.

Virgin Mary is often adorned with a royal blue cape and thereby embodies calmness, loyalty, tradition.

In ancient Egypt, dark blue color represented water, and thus life. Egyptians wore blue jewelry because it was believed that blue had healing power.

In China, blue symbolizes immortality and heavenly forces.

In Iran, it symbolizes immortality and spirituality, holiness in Israel, and South Africa’s happiness.

Blue, in Roman mythology, is associated with Jupiter and Mercury.

In the Old Testament, God is showing in dark blue.

In Islam, the blue and turquoise are used for decorating mosques, as both of the colors represent faith and community.

Blue is the safest and most positive color that symbolizes trust, so many banks use it.

The blue color is a safety signal to “Watch out!” It is using for marking useless scaffolding and machinery parts that are out of service. It serves as the basis for various illicit tables.
tropical fish in the blue sea
Tropical Fish in the Blue Sea

Shades of blue are: azure or sky blue (nobility, extroversion), Ice Blue (aesthetics, traditionality), pastel blue (gentle, sentimental), Navy (fidelity, reliability, trust), dark blue (values affiliation), indigo, Ultramarine (altruism, affection)

Turquoise, slate, young topaz, aquamarine, cyan blue, blueberries, cornflower, hyacinth, campanula, sapphire.

In Iran, blue is the color of mourning.

Pharaohs in ancient Egypt wore blue for protection against evil.

Blue blood means royal roots.

We believe that blue protect against witches.

Even in ancient Rome, public officials wore blue.

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