Brown is the color of safety, security, and material wealth. It means stability, structure, and support.

It is the color of physical comfort, simplicity, and quality. The color of physical security and the accumulation of material goods.

It promotes a sense of belonging, especially to a family and friends. It is friendly and approachable, faithful and trustworthy, dependable practically and realistically.

The psychology of color treats brown as sincere and genuine. It refers to the diligence and reliability. It is sensual, sensitive, and warm, practical, and meaningful and represents a healthy heart.

It is materialistic because it promotes quality. Brown, together with green, is the predominant color on our planet. It offers comfort and stabilization, while the green color provides balance and youth. It isn’t carefree and spontaneous, and it does not like surprises. Therefore, it may seem dull and uninteresting for many.

Some shades of a brown color show a certain degree of sophistication and elegance.

It is the color of the structure, although, in no way, it encourages perfectionism, tidiness, and organization.

Together with orange and yellow, brown is among the most popular colors in the western world.

The psychological meaning of brown may vary, depending on the colors that mix and form brown.

Favorable properties of brown are good quality, practical, affordable, stable, reliable, protective, sensual, sensitive, warm, reassuring, honest, sincere.

Negative characteristics of brown are dull, lackluster, mundane, predictable, inexpensive

It calms us down. It is present in everyday life, so it works kind, motherly, and protective.

The psychological effects of brown: support, narrow-mindedness, nutrient status.
autumn forest in brown
Autumn Forest

If you like to dress in brown, you’re honest and realistic and want to live orderly lives. You are sentient and appreciate good food, drink, company. It gives you a sense of emotional security. It is closing you into a shell because you are afraid that your outer world would not accept you.

If you don’t like brown, this is due to a change in attitude and desire for independence.

It is best suited for living rooms.

brown roasted coffee
Brown Roasted Coffee

In Feng Shui is a very earthy color. It can bring stability and creates a pleasant feeling. It is associated with roots, earth and would therefore also gives a sense of depth.

In the dream means practicality and social, and it means earth.

real Turkish coffee with a brown background
Real Turkish Coffee With a Brown Background

Is the color of the earth; it means strength and reliability

It symbolizes the earth, stability, hearth, home, security, comfort, durability, ease.

a roll of brown Cinnamon
A Roll of Brown Cinnamon

Is the color of Aboriginal land. In India, it is the color of mourning.

Light brown (harmony, material goods), other/beige color (associate gold), dark brown (clear assessment, selfishness), red-brown (calmness, passivity, acceptance, relationship to the body), chestnut brown (planning, resistance, depth of power).

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