Functionally colors at work. Functional color in the workplace has positive results, especially in increasing production work. A reduction in worker fatigue, boost worker morale, improve workplace safety, a significant decrease in absenteeism.

Pillars in buildings should be darker, heavier colors, especially in the higher areas where we want to achieve more concentration and solitude.

In working spaces, try to create the most natural working atmosphere, so that the worker feels as outdoors. It does not have feelings of anxiety (except for workspaces where concentration is essential in small and precision work). Therefore, we try with bright colors in ceilings to imitate the blue nba and daylight. And thus also optically lifted and expand the size of the workspace. Space optically increase the uniform color of the walls.

What color are suitable for walls in workshops, or to be hot or cold and restless and reassuring, or too cramped accommodation or released. Mainly it depends on the type and method of work.

If the job requires a lot of concentration and attention retail, we choose the stifling colors that humans are collected and concentrated, otherwise vice versa.

Where necessary cold peace, and each rush harmful, we help with the cool colors.

Where it takes a lot of energy and zeal at work, we will equip the walls and working environment with hot and turbulent colors.

Heavy paint suitable below, the side walls have been easier and lighter, to raise the mood of the worker and serve as a focal paint, which turns worker view, when working for a second rest. Ceilings are brighter that the worker does not oppress, that you released, and give him a sense of freedom.

When using functional color production can be increased by 30%, 30% quality, lighting is reduced by 60%. The number of accidents decreased by 25%, reduce visual fatigue by 20% absenteeism by 15%.

Functionally Colors At Work
Functionally Colors At Work


White ground effects untouchable and neutral body, emotionally neutral on the wall, on the ceiling yet.


Yellow unsettling effect on the ground, as well as drag and fleeting, twitchy on the wall, on the ceiling of encouragement, illumination.


Orange on the ground affects motor, on the wall is warm, pamočna on the ceiling, stimulating and glamorous.


Red powerful effect on the ground, burning, representative on the wall is loud and close to the ceiling, intrusive, heavy, and restless.


Pink ground effect gently and inviolable, wall weak, the ceiling transparent.

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