Gray color meaning. Gray is the color of ash and fog, the color of relaxation, indecision, and compromise. It is an independent, neutral, and impartial. Reliable and stable, thus creating a sense of calm and concentration. It is smooth, quiet, and reserved. It does not stimulate, not rejuvenates, nor thrills.

In terms of the color-psychology, is the color of compromise – is not black, nor white, but is a kind of transition between the two non-colors. The closer to the black (more like a darker), the more mysterious and dramatic gray is. Closer to white (lighter than), the more illuminating and lively it is.

In terms of color, gray is conservative and dull. Depressed on the one hand and elegant/formal, on the other. But is never glamorous. It is common, reliable, and practical, the color of maturity and responsibility. It calms and partly neutralizes different colors when being next to them. Too much gray can create sadness and depression, a tendency to loneliness and isolation.

Favorable properties are: reliable, conservative, dignified, neutral, impartial, professional, mature, intelligent, classic, secure, stable, soothing, elegant, formal.

The negatives of gray are: cautious, nonemotional, indifferent, boring, sad, depressed, lonely, isolate

It raises indecision and irrelevance, has a negative impact on activity as it makes person dull and lazy. It has mostly negative effects. Runs unique, blank, realistically, the color of which has a depressive.

The psychological effects of gray: autonomy, independence, loneliness.

balanced rock pebble
Balanced Rock Pebble

If you want to dress in gray you are an individualist, like to be alone, but are sometimes lonely. You are overloaded and strained, so you need to rest and relax.

If you do not like gray, this is because of your need for cooperation and support from family and friends.

smokey gray color
Smokey Gray Color

In the room works empty and seamlessly. Suitable is only for interior smaller details.

In Feng Shui can mean (for some) the connection of opposites: black and white (in this case it shows the balance and peaceful solution of the problem or conflict). For the other this color is depressed and indifferent.

In a dream means indecision and uncertainty.

river stones of gray color
River Stones of Gray Color

It symbolizes safety, reliability, modesty, intelligence, dignity, maturity, strength, convenience, age, boredom.

Shades of gray: concrete, granite, silver gray, white lead, vanilla, marble, cashmere, steel, mineral gray, charcoal, …

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