Mixing colors can be fun if you know some basics. Here are some tips on how to mix colors to get new shades.

yellow color


light yellow

Light yellow

dark yellow

Dark yellow

leaves yellow

Leaves yellow

YELLOW: Yellow is the primary color, so it can not be mixed with other colors.

Light yellow: Add white to yellow.
Dark yellow (olive green): Add a little black to the yellow, also purple or blue.
Leaves yellow (light olive): Add white and black to yellow, or purple or black (or blue instead of black).



light orange

Light orange

dark orange

Dark orange

leaf orange

Leaf orange

ORANGE: Orange is obtained by mixing yellow and red.

Light orange (peach): Add white to orange.
Dark orange (brown): Add a small black or blue color to the orange, but you can also mix red and green.
Leaf orange (light brown): To orange, add white and black (or blue instead of black).



light red

Light red

dark red

Dark red

leaf red

Leaf red

RED: Red color can not be mixed with other colors, because it is the primary color.

Light red (pink or coral): Add white color to red.
Dark red: Add a little black to the red, but it can also be turquoise blue.
Leaf red: Add white and black to red or turquoise color.



light magenta

Light magenta

dark magenta

Dark magenta

leaf magenta

Leaf magenta

MAGENTA: Magenta can not be mixed with other colors.

Light Magenta: Add white to the magenta.
Dark Magenta: Add a little black, but also green, to the magenta.
Leaf magenta: Add white or black to the magenta or green color.

lemon green

Lemon green

bright lemon green

Bright lemon green

dark lemon green

Dark lemon green

leaf lemon green

Leaf lemon green

LEMON GREEN: Add a little green or turquoise to the yellow color.

Bright lemon green: Add white color to lemons.
Dark Lemon Green: Add black or purple to Lemon Green.
Leafy Lemon Green: Add lemon green to both white and black or purple color.



bright green

Bright green

dark green

Dark green

gray green

Gray green

GREEN: Mix turquoise and yellow.

Bright green: Add white to the green.
Dark green: Add black or magenta to green.
Gray green: Add white and black color to green or magenta.

teal green

Teal green

light teal green

Light teal green

dark teal green

Dark teal green

gray teal green

Gray teal green

TEAL GREEN: Mix turquoise with a little yellow or green.

Light teal green: Add white color to teal green.
Dark teal green: Green teal add a little black or magenta or red.
Gray teal green: Add teal green to both white and black or magenta or red.



light torquoise

Light torquoise

dark torquoise

Dark torquoise

Gray torquoise

Gray torquoise

TORQUOISE: Turquoise can’t be mixed up with other colors.

Light turquoise: Add turquoise to white color.
Dark turquoise: We add a little black or red to the turquoise
Gray turquoise: On turquoise is added as white and black or red color.



light blue

Light blue

dark blue

Dark blue

gray blue

Gray blue

BLUE: Add a little purple or magenta to turquoise color.

Light blue: Add white to blue color.
Dark blue: Add a little black or orange to blue.
Gray blue: Add white and black to blue or orange color.

violet blue

Violet blue

light violet blue

Light violet blue

dark violet blue

Dark violet blue

gray violet blue

Gray vioet blue

VIOLET BLUE: Magenta is mixed with turquoise or blue.

Bright violet blue (lavender): White violet is added to purple blue.
Dark violet blue: A black or yellow color is added to purple blue.
Gray violet blue: To purple blue, add white and black or yellow color.



light purple

Light purple

dark purple

Dark purple

leaf purple

Leaf purple

PURPLE: Magenta is mixed with a little turquoise or blue or purple.

Light purple: Add purple to white.
Dark purple: Add purple to a little black or lemon green.
Leaf purple: Add purple as white as black or lemon green.

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