Orange color radiates warmth and joy. As a mix of red and yellow, it combines the physical energy of red and joy after yellow.

It is optimistic and charming, brings spontaneity and a positive outlook on life. Orange is a great color to be used in tough economic times, as it keeps us motivated and helps us to look on the bright side of life. It offers us emotional strength in difficult times. It helps to go through disappointments and despair and helps with recovery from grief. Also helps us adapt to new ideas, frees the limitation of mind, and gives us the feeling that we are what we are.

With its enthusiasm for life, orange is associated with adventure and risk-taking, physical self-esteem, independence, and competition. Orange color promotes self-respect and respect for others.

It refers to social communication, promotion of bilateral talks. Warm and inviting, this color is stimulating us: both mentally and physically. Being next to it, a lot of people are thinking and talking. It stimulates the appetite.

Positive features of orange are sociability, optimism, enthusiasm, joy, self-confidence, independence, adventure, luxury.

Negative characteristics of orange include dishonesty, dependency, indulgence, pessimism, cheapness, unsociability. 

Orange can help to strengthen lungs, spleen, and pancreas. It stimulates a heart, reproductive organs, digestion, raises appetite and increases the body’s resistance. Under its influence, body fluids are excreted.

Otherwise, it gives a sense of pleasantness, joy, and well-being. It is the color of happiness, sociability, and satisfaction. It helps to overcome fatigue and gives new strength. Stimulates the body and psyche with vitality, joy, warmth, playfulness, emotion.

It is a mixture of red and yellow and, therefore, combines both: a force of red and vibrancy of yellow. So, orange is an emotional stimulant.

The psychological effects of orange are creativity, enthusiasm, vibrancy, energizing, warmth, fun.

Orange Leaf

If a person likes to dress in orange, it shows the person is an active, impatient, and competitive spirit. 

Also, independent, practical, and creative, full of energy and full of restlessness.

If a person refuses to dress in orange, it may be due to mental and physical exhaustion.

It is most suitable for living rooms, dinning areas of the kitchen, and rooms for recreation. Orange is not ideal for offices and other working rooms, bedrooms and other rooms for relaxation rest. It makes space warm, gives a sense of support and friendship.
ripe oranges on the trees in an orchard
Ripe Oranges on The Trees

Orange aura indicates emotions, confidence, creativity, and sociability. It shows the ability to connect well with people in an open and friendly way. Orange character also points to intuition, reasonable anticipation.


It has the characteristics of luck and strength and is favorable.

orange roses
Orange Roses

To dream something orange, it shows some inner ambitions.

Orange wears people who are working, creative, and full of energy.

It should be worn by those who suffer from depression, and those people who should enter more joy and lightness into their own lives.

Avoid it when a person is confused, disoriented, and claustrophobic. It can worsen nausea or dizziness.

orange mug in orange background
Orange Mug

Orange is a hallmark of uniforms as a symbol of loyalty to the company, synonymous with sociability, health, energetic, practical, motivation.

The orange color symbolizes energy, balance, enthusiasm, warmth, liveliness.

juicy tangerines
Orange Juicy Tangerines

Orange helps with depression, loneliness, fatigue. It improves a good mood and helps to prevent sleepiness. It also helps with indigestion and for the promotion of appetite (anorexia). It can be used with the treatment of depression and pessimism. Has a beneficial effect on blood circulation, improves digestion, increases the heart rate. The orange color is used to help with muscle spasms, asthma, chronic rheumatism, anemia, gallstones, inflammation of kidneys.

In Ireland, it represents Protestantism.

Official dignitaries in China wear orange.

In the Netherlands, it is the color of freedom.

Dalai Lama and other enlightened Buddhists are dressed in orange (for them, orange means humility).

In Japan and China, orange is considered the color of love and happiness.

On some paintings of Adam and Eve in paradise, an artist draws oranges instead of apples on the tree of knowledge.

Orange is the signal for attention and danger. It should be used as a marker for hazardous machinery (rotating wheels, moving levers). The interior of safety devices should also be colored in orange for workers to remind them to keep them closed. This is particularly relevant for electrical and driving devices.

a slice of orange
A Slice of Orange
Tangerine, nectar, peach, brick, mahogany, …

Orange is Dutch national color from their War for Independence, which participated in the rebel “Orange” prince.

In China and Japan, the orange symbolizes happiness and love.

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