Red color meaning. The red color is warm and positive, associated with our physical needs and our will for survival. It exudes strong and powerful energy.

The meaning of red is mainly energy, passion, and action.

It is encouraging color, as it arouses emotions in us, and motivates us to take action. It promotes ambition and determination. Red indicates a strong will, movement, and perseverance. It gives confidence to those who are timid, shy, or lack some will.

Because of that, the red color awakens our physical life force.

Red is the color of sexuality and can awaken within us much deeper and more personal passions, such as: on the positive side love and sex, but the negative side revenge and anger.

Often is used to express love, although it is much more associated with sexual passion and desire. With this sexual energy, it can create life, but, at worst, it expresses anger and aggression to create wars and destruction.

If we are surrounded by too much red, we can become irritated, agitated, and angry. If the red is insufficient, we can become more cautious, handling, and frightened.

Positive features of red are action, power, speed, clarity and confidence, curiosity, strength, passion, spontaneity, assertiveness, courage.

Negative characteristics of red are aggression, dominance, anger, cruelty, intolerance, resentment, violence, hatred, brutality.

Red color helps to enhance muscles, strengthen the body, increase blood pressure, accelerate pulse, blood circulation, excretion of adrenaline, and hepatic function.

The red color is a mental stimulant. It is the color of fire and blood, an expression of life and power. Inextricably is linked with passion, heat, and struggle.

The psychological effects of red are strength, vitality, sensuality, comfort, firmness, warmth, confidence, friendship.

juicy berries
Red Juicy Berries

If someone likes to dress in red, it is impulsive, energetic, and short-tempered. It is usually in the spotlight and tends to be the best in everything. Sexual lust and eroticism are an essential part of life.

If someone does not like to wear red, this may be due to possible rejection, defeat, or to disease.

Red is best for dining rooms as it encourages sociability and liveliness. It affects the appetite (because it stimulates appetite and increases the desire for food, we often use it in restaurants). At home, it is suitable for hallways and the kitchen. Also for kindergarten’s playrooms, school-gyms. It invigorates in rooms where more physical activity. It enriches the room, but it makes it seem visually smaller. The red color is not suitable for study rooms, workshops, school classes, offices, waiting rooms in hospitals. Also not ideal for rooms in which we rest and relax, like the bedroom.

red apples
Red Apples

A person with a red aura shows desire, vigor, and vitality. Also, the strong need for victory, success, and play activities. It shows love for sport, leadership, courage, strength, competition, fight, eroticism, passion, practicality. A person has a desire for possession, a sense of adventure, and survival instinct. Most children and adolescents, especially boys, have a red aura.

The red color in Feng Shui is very favorable. It means heat (fire), power, happiness, glory.

red rose
Red Rose

To dream something red means joy, fun, animal passion, sexuality, and aggression.

It is the most intense and emotional color. The color of love. The red dress is more visible, but it also makes a person harder. As an intense color, it usually does not help in different negotiations and confrontations. Red dress expresses confidence: a person who wears it feels seductive and dominant.

Red should be worn by people who suffer from sadness, which are dense and need encouragement. By people who want to recover from something, who would like to succeed, achieve their goals, who lack competitive spirit, and those who would want to be sensual and vivid.

Red clothes should be avoided by those with high blood pressure, short-tempered ones, and those who are nervous and tense. It is also not recommended for people who quickly get tired, have chronic fatigue syndrome, or suffer from a headache.

footprint of a spoon on sand
Footprint of a Spoon on Red Sand

Red, just like yellow and orange, is a hallmark of uniforms as a symbol of loyalty to the company, synonymous with speed, travel, power, movement, inertia.

The red color symbolizes enthusiasm, energy, passion, love, desire, speed, strength, warmth, but also aggression, danger, fire, blood, violence.

sweet red cherries
Sweet Red Cherries

Red color stimulates and activates sexual glands, effects beneficial on the spine, blood cells, blood, muscles, improves the function of the adrenal glands, balances the nervous system, helps with poor blood circulation, cold, and loss of sexual potency. Also increases heart rate, pressure, and breathing rate. It could be used when treating anemia, asthma, chronic cough, sore throat, damaged circulation.

Red light can help to prevent the formation of scars on the skin after measles and goats.

Red radiation is effective with the treatment of anemic children.

The red color has a beneficial effect on various inflammations, in increasing sexual activity with men and has a beneficial effect on severe depression.

In Japan, red is the color of women; in China, it is the color of happiness (it expels evil forces and spirits) and wealth. The bride is dressed in a red wedding dress. Carried around on a red stretcher to the place of the wedding ceremony. When the couple gets children, others are bringing them red eggs for the happiness and well-being of a baby and the entire family.

In the Catholic church, it symbolizes blood and fire (Pentecost, Christ’s suffering, fests of Martyrs); in Evangelical church, red symbolizes martyr’s and apostolic fests.

Aborigines in Australia are using red as the color of earth, for Maori in New Zealand, it is the color of nobility and divinity.

In Oceania and certain parts of Central Africa, it is a color of life (patient is rubbed with red okrom to promote life force).

Wearing red ribbons or scarves in some nations is reserved for wedding traditions. Already in Roman times, the bride was wrapped in a bright red piece of textile. Albanian, Greek, and Armenian brides still wear the red bridal veil.

In ancient Egypt, red was a valuable color and was used to make up Pharaoh’s daughter(cheek, lips, nails).

The first man, Adam, was created by God from red soil (in Hebrew red is a synonym for alive).

In Korea, the deceased’s name is written in red.

Red is the color of ancient gods: Amon Ra in Egypt, the god of war for Romans.

In some parts of Africa (South, Côte d’Ivoire), red is the color of mourning.

Red is the most intrusive of all. It has always been associated with danger and the signal for fire protection.

red strawberry
Red Strawberry

Shades of red are Carmine (dark) red (competition, the integrity), magenta (liveliness, hostility), magenta (strength, success, self-esteem), orange-red (sensuality, impulsiveness).

Wine, port, Cinnabar, cherry, terracotta, garnet, ruby, claret, flame.

In India, red is a symbol of a soldier.

Red in Russia represents beauty.

In South Africa, red is the color of mourning.

“Red-shirts” were soldiers of the Italian leader Garibaldi, who united and founded modern Italy in the 19th century.

In Greece, Easter eggs are colored in red for good luck.

A red flag means danger.

In China, red is the color of happiness and is used for weddings. Also, with Hindus and Muslims.

For old Romans, red was also a sign of conflict.

In England, telephone booths and double-decker buses are red.

When you blush, it means that you feel embarrassed.

In India, the red dot on the forehead of women is bringing good luck.

The Aztecs associated red color with blood.

Red amulets prolong life for many cultures.

The highest arc in the rainbow is red.

In financial circles, red represents a negative outlook.

Bees can see all the colors except red.

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