Silver is the color of light and reflection. It has a feminine energy; it is fluid, emotional, sensitive, and mysterious. It is soothing, calming, and purifying. Is associated with the moon, with low tide and high tide.

In terms of the psychology of colors, silver is signaling time for reflection and change of direction, since it illuminates the way forward in the future. It helps with cleaning and releasing of mental, physical, and emotional issues and blocks, as it opens new doors. Inspires intuition, clairvoyance, and telepathy. It is reputable and polite, dignified, self-controlled, responsible.

In terms of colors, silver is associated with wealth and prestige. It looks glamorous and sophisticated in connection with female-energy, prosperity, and modernity. Silver restores balance and stability for both: power and spiritual energy.

The silver color is very versatile as it is shiny and modern, on the one hand, and alluring and chic on the other. It is impartial and compassionate, with a mature sense of justice. Has a similar energy to gray but is more light-hearted and optimistic.

Traditionally, silver color represents the 25th anniversary of marriage and is associated with graceful aging of those with silver hair.

Favorable properties of silver are lighting, reflection, regulation, dignity, glamour, responsible, soothing, wisdom, modern, elegant.

Negative characteristics of silver are: cautious, non-binding, neutral, cold, insincere, dull, misleading, hypocritical.

The psychological effects of silver are balance, sensuality, harmony, femininity.

silver foil
Silver Foil

Silver in dreams means that a person has the spiritual gift of intuition.

silver balls on a silver pedestal
Silver Balls on a Silver Pedestal

Silver symbolizes peace.

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