White color meaning. White is the color of perfection. The color of clarity and is a mixture of all three natural colors’ length-waves in sunlight: red, blue, and green.

Its meaning is purity, innocence, fullness, and completion.

It does not encourage emotions but opens up new paths. It is the color of new beginnings. It awakens openness, growth, and creativity, and embodies purity.

Is the color of protection and incentive that offers a sense of peace and tranquillity, comfort, and hope. It creates a sense of order and efficiency.

White contains a balance of all colors of the spectrum, to represent both positive and negative characteristics of all colors.

Its primary characteristic is equality, which means fairness, neutrality, and independence. White offers interior cleaning, cleaning of our thoughts and emotions. It refreshes and strengthens the entire energy system.

Especially in Eastern cultures, white has traditionally been associated with death and mourning. In these cultures, death means the end of one and the beginning of another life.

Many people use white as a reminder of youth and innocence, to the times when life was more comfortable and less complicated. It is widely used in medicine because it is a sign of purity and efficiency, but it can also make sense of sterility and nonemotional.

Too much white is cold, isolated, and empty makes the feeling of detachment and disinterest. It is clean and immaculate.

Positive features of white color are innocence, purity, equality, completeness, wholeness, simplicity, perfection, purity.

Negative features of white color include sterility, isolation, caution, criticism, boredom, emptiness.

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White does not have much influence on us.

The psychological effects of white: calming, isolation, purification, cold.

white feathers
White Feathers

If you like to dress in white, it means that you are an individualist and a loner, preferring the simple life. White reflects some energizing, balanced, and optimistic character. And if you do not like the white color, it may be due to the need to make some crucial decisions and a consequence of a sharp break with the pas

In most cases, white is the most appropriate and also most commonly used for the background. It creates coolness and space. It is suitable for all areas, but we advise to revive white walls with pictures and plants as too much white creates a sterile, sick feeling.

The man with white aura is spiritually motivated, open, and receptive to God, unloaded and unworried with worldly matters. White energy indicates cosmic wisdom. Most children have it, just like physical workers and people who meditate intensely. It rarely occurs with adults.

White color in Feng Shui has no specific meaning.

a small white bunny
A Small White Bunny

When dreaming something white, it represents purity, perfection, hope, faith, enlightenment. Colored pearl white, can indicate the gift of prophecy.

Brides are wearing white to symbolize innocence and purity. Since white reflects sunlight, it is suitable for summer color. In fashion, it is popular because it is light and neutral. Doctors and nurses wear white to emphasize cleanliness.

White should be worn by people who would like to be honest, transparent, and receptive to new ideas. People who would want to be more aware of their own lives and understand it better.

It should be avoided if it is necessary to take part in something important, or when deciding and acting fast.

the pier in white mist
The Pier in White Mist

White symbolizes worship, purity, birth, simplicity, calmness, humility, precision, innocence, youth, winter, snow, good, sterility, coldness, hospitals.

In western cultures, brides are commonly dressed in white, which is derived from ancient Greece, where the temple, dedicated to the goddess Athena, was built of white marble and so it became the color of virginity.

China, India, and Korea are using white as a color of mourning and death (as the symbol of infinity). In the western world, it was also a color for mourning until the 16th century.

White animals are said to be close to God: the Holy Spirit appeared as a white dove, Christ as a white lamb. Zeus revealed himself to Europe as a white bull; white cows in India are the embodiment of light. Heron and Ibis are birds of immortality in China).

The Catholic church symbolizes light at Lord and Mary’s feasts. In the Evangelical church, it symbolizes Jesus Christ.

White got its name from the wheat (in English, white means white, wheat is sort of grain, Swedish “vit” and “vete”). In other languages, white is associated with a gloss of light: Italian – bianco, blanc in French, Greek – leukos.

elegant and festive dinner table
Elegant and Festive Dinner Table

White is a symbol of cleanliness and order. White rings in the wastebaskets (trash baskets) are encouraging people to put the trash into baskets. The white floor and white door surface have a similar influence. White lines indicate several areas for different purposes (one-way traffic, moving around inside working space).

The white flag is a symbol of peace.

Pharaohs of Egypt wore a white crown.

A wedding in a white dress is supposed to bring good luck. Therefore, it is the traditional color of wedding dresses in the Western world and Japan.

The knight in shining white armor is supposed to be the savior.

Old Persians believed that all gods wore white clothes.

Angels are mostly dressed in white.

White is the color of mourning in China and some parts of Africa. By the 16th century, it was also the color of mourning in Europe.

Whitelist (opposite to blacklist) contains big things.

The ancient Greeks were dressed in white while sleeping due to dreams, more pleasant thoughts.

White Room is usually a clean room, dust-free, temperature-controlled, meant for Inhalt precise instruments.

The white feather is a symbol of a coward.

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