Yellow color meaning. Yellow is the color of sun, light, and optimism, the color of the mind and intellect. The color stimulates, activates, and frees from fear.

It stimulates our mental ability, creating a spiritual skill and perception. Yellow offers hope, happiness, playfulness, and fun.

The mental aspect of the original yellow color is the color of new ideas and help us in searching for new routes, operating modes. Yellow is the best color to create excitement in life; it can awaken greater confidence and optimism.

Yellow color likes challenges, particularly like mental challenges. It helps us when making decisions when concentrating and focusing, for example: when studying and during exams.

People who go through significant changes in life, at that moment, hardly tolerate yellow. They have difficulties in dealing with all the changes which lead to stress. With a combination of green and soft orange, they are all together in balance.

Positive characteristics of yellow are optimism, cheerfulness, enthusiasm, fun, humor, confidence, originality, creativity, wisdom, logic.

Negative characteristics of yellow are criticism, impatience, impulsiveness, egoism, pessimism, inferiority complex, cowardice, no feelings, no compassion.

Yellow increases blood pressure accelerates pulse, increases breathing rate, has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, liver, pancreas, and gallbladder. It cleans the digestive tract.

Yellow is the color of sun, light, and heat. It stimulates, activates, and is playful.

It maintains alertness, promotes concentration and motor skills.

It is the color of happiness and joy. The yellow color is a mental stimulant.

Yellow is the brightest of all primary colors; it is the color of the sun, glare expression, and liveliness.

The psychological effects of yellow are logic, intelligence, optimism, clarity of thought, joy, revitalizing, brightness.

lemon in water
Yellow Lemon in Water

If you like to dress in yellow, you are lively, vital, cheerful, ambitious, curious, spontaneous, and communicative.

If you do not like to wear yellow, it may indicate a loss of personal power and disappointment in life.

Yellow works best in kitchens, living rooms, and rooms for recreation. It is recommended in places where learning, studying (mentally active) because it helps to concentrate. It revives and brightens every room, making it warm and sunny. That is why yellow is not suitable for the bedrooms. It maintains alertness.

Because it is a dominant color, it is supposed to be used only for addition and smaller areas. I wanted to be used in larger areas; lighter shades of yellow are recommended.

yellow room with yellow furniture
Yellow Room With Yellow Furniture

The person with yellow aura is sunny, thrilled, happy, bright, has a great sense of humor, and is fun. Usually an optimist, intellectual and open to new ideas.

Yellow color in Feng Shui, including gold, represents power. It gives a sense of tolerance, wisdom, and patience.

lemon citrus
Yellow Lemon Citrus

In dreams, it represents intellect and mental activity, the ability to rationalize.

Yellow is cheerful, sunny, and attracts attention. Active people who feel open and young, like to wear yellow.

Yellow is recommended to be worn by those who want solitude to shake off the attachment to someone. It is suitable (yellow fashion accessories) for a job interview because it helps us with clear expression; it encourages rational thinking, improves memory, gives strength, and reinforces self-confidence.

It should be avoided when a person is prone to criticism. It may cause irritation, weakness, and encourages egoism.

yellow sunflower
Yellow Sunflower

It is a hallmark of uniforms as a symbol of loyalty to the company and synonymous with communication skills.

Yellow symbolizes joy, happiness, optimism, idealism, imagination, hope, sunshine, summer, gold, philosophy, and friendship. In some cases, it can mean betrayal, dishonesty, cowardice, jealousy, greed, deception, disease, danger.

yellow honeycomb
Yellow Honeycomb

Yellow strengthens the nervous system, including the brain. It stimulates metabolism, helps with curing diseases of glands, has a soothing effect on the stomach, and skin (by opening the pores and regenerating). It helps with the treatment of rheumatism and arthritis.

Yellow is useful in the treatment of anemic children.

Yellow light can be successfully used when treating nervous and psychopathic disorders.

It has a positive impact on treating tuberculosis.

Yellow means summer in Italy, benevolence in Ukraine, envy in Germany.

In Mexico, Egypt, and Ethiopia, it is the color of mourning.

It is a signal for caution because it is most visible. It is used on outwardly projecting parts of machines and different things as a label or sign, also on various barriers, changes in floor level. Especially seen when combined with black.

yellow flower
Yellow Flower

Cloudy yellow (calming, thinking), live yellow (vivacity, boldness), olive green (gloom mood), citron-yellow (alertness, vigor, refinement)

Golden ocher, corn, dessert, honey, lemon, lily, bamboo, pear, chamomile, …

Yellow is the color of mourning in Egypt and Burma.

Yellow can symbolize jealousy and deceit (France) and sadness (Greece).

For holistic healers, it is the color of peace.

The yellow ribbon is a sign of support to the soldiers at the front.

If someone is said to have yellow lines, it means that a person is a coward.

Hindus in India wear yellow when celebrating the festival of spring.

In the 10th century, in France, criminals and traitors got their front door painted with yellow.

In India, it can symbolize farmers or traders.

Executioners in Spain in the old days wore yellow.

In the US, taxis and school buses are yellow.

For old Aztecs, yellow symbolized food (corn).

The yellow flag means quarantine.

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